All about Coin Master Chests Type and Inside (New Updated)

These are many Coin Master Chests types recently updated from the Coin Master game and it’s freshly updated. What is it inside? Let’s find out with me.

Coin Master Chests – Wooden

Coin Master - Wooden Chest
Coin Master Chests – Wooden

You will get 2 cards from this chest with 11 million coins (coins are needed, depending on the level of your village) and those cards have a high chance of 2 stars and 3 stars cards.

Coin Master Chests – Golden

Coin Master Chests - Wooden
Coin Master Chests – Golden

You will get 4 cards from this chest with 29 million coins as the image above, and this type of Coin Master chest are high chance for 3 stars and 4 stars cards.

Coin Master Magical Chest

Coin Master Magical Chest
Coin Master Magical Chest

There are 8 cards in this chest with random, which costs 55 million coins and there is a high chance of 4 stars and 5 star cards. If you’re looking for 4-star and 5-star cards, this chest suits you but is a bit expensive.

Coin Master – Mystery Chest

Coin Master - Mystery Chest

This chest can be found in the Coin Master game as well, especially on really special occasions as the game releases it for specific tasks, especially in Golden Pass. It contains 6 cards in total and you might have a chance to win a Joker Card by 10% of probability in this one. Talking about cards, we already talked about but what about the others? Yes, it’s 400-4K spins in the chest and 1 Pet snack as 100% sure you got one from those.

Note: 4-star and 5-star chests are the Gold Cards and it’s sometimes rare to get.

There are many chests containing such valuable cards in the Coin Master game, but the probability you have to watch your own from the Coin Master Probability official site.

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Coin Master Chests FAQs

Where can I get Mystery Chests in Coin Master?

In 2023, you can complete missions in the Merchant Madness store so you can exchange for it. But there are more ways to get that precious chest, especially the Tournament. Keep an eye on those Chests around special events. You will get the chest you’ve looking for but probably need lots of spins on the line. The Gems Market also gives you this opportunity to get those chests. But you have to save at least 1.5k gems to get that one Chest. Better save up gems until you get one.

Can I buy more than one chest at a time on Coin Master?

Yes, you can buy at least 10 chests at a time. Go to Coin Master Menu then select Shop and after that look for the Chests section and tab on it. Once you tap on the chest, the game will give you an arrow down and up to select amount of chests. Finally, you need to make sure your coins are enough to buy those chests. After you tab it, the chests will roll one by one revealing the cards you get.

What is the chest event in Coin Master?

The chest event is called The Team Chest is the chest that you will get by completing the building in Team Castle. You have to spin and Raid to get more building points then choose what to build. You need at least 90 hammers to join this event. Once you’re helping the team build the castle in a limited time and complete it, you will get rewards along the way. The final prize is the Spins Chest with a 6.6% chance to get a Joker Card. Don’t forget to join the team to build the castle to get the prize.

Which chest contains the Joker Card with high probability?

Diamond Chest, is the highest Joker card’s chance in the Coin Master Game with a 33% chance. 4th of July Chest with 31.42%. The Black Friday Royal Chest and Platinum Chest have a 20% chance to get a Joker Card while the Black Friday Mystery Chest has 11.3%. Second, the Joker Chest has 12.5% The Golden Ember, Chest, Mystery Chest, and Majestic VIP Chest, Ocean Oasis Chest, Gold Chest (not the Golden Chest in Coin Master Shop) have a 10% chance.

Check on Coin Master Chests Probability for more details.

What are Cards for Chests?

The answer is the place in the Coin Master game where you can trade your duplicate cards for exciting new chests. The Card trade will not decrease your game stars which currently you have. There are 3 Types of Chests that you can exchange.

  1. Emerald Chest – the chest that contains 4 cards, 10-100 spins, and 300-3K Pet XP. You can exchange with 75 stars. There are 24 hours for the new opportunity to exchange this chest again. But you can use coins to skip timers for 150M coins for another chance. You only have 2 chances for it and you must wait for 24 hours to get that again.
  2. Sapphire Chest – contains 6 cards, 50-500 spins range, and 1.5k-15k Pet XP. You can exchange it for 750 stars. You have to wait 3 days to get another chance but you can skip timers for the first trade by using your coins 400 million coins. The chances are limited to 2 times only just like Emerald’s chest above.
  3. Ruby Chest – contains 8 cards, 100-1,000 spins, 6k-60k Pet XP, and 20M-400M coins but it’s a special one with Joker Card probability 1/50 = 1.9%. You can trade it with 3000 stars of duplicated cards of yours. Once you trade them you will have to wait 3 days to get that again or skip timers with 3 billions of coins for another chance.

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