How to Invite Facebook Friends and WIN Coin Master free spins? It’s Brave time!

You already knew when to invite people to play the Coin Master game and receive Coin Master free spins right? Then this article will tell you how to invite them so you will win the prize from the Coin Master Game.

For those who don’t know about the Coin Master game, To play Coin Master Invite your friends over and get free spins. You will have to Download the Game which comes up with both mobile platforms. For Android devices, you can download the Coin Master Game on Play Store and for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads you can download the Coin Master Game on the App Store. Now get back to Invite, How to do it properly?

How do I invite friends to win the prize?

Step 1Login to the Coin Master game, and then sign in to your Account, Facebook recommended this, and Coin Master is popular with Social Media like Facebook. But we’re thinking that you already know about this kind of stuff.

Coin Master - Play as Facebook or Guest

Step 2 – Go to the Menu Button Above on the Right with 3 Bars mostly people know it’s the menu bar—tab on it.

Coin Master - How to go to Invite Menu in Coin Master?

Step 3 – Tab on the Invite Button with Viking Hat and Green Plus sign on Top of it.

Coin Master - Invite icon

Step 4 – Tab on Invite Button. it says you will get +150 extra for inviting new Facebook players through your invite link that you will get from Coin Master generated for you when you click on the Invite+ Button.

Coin Master - Invite Alert Box

Coin Master Free Spins Bonus – Invite Madness Event

This event is awesome for new Facebook players and friends. You can get up to 5,000 spins to invite 20 people to play the game through your invitation links generated by the Coin Master game in Step 4 above. This is a limited-time event only, as you can see the countdown under the Invite Now! button.

The Rules of the Event :

  • Friends must complete Village 2 and sign up through Facebook for you to receive spins.
  • Spins will be received 24 hours after the event ends.
Coin Master free spins - Invite Madness! Event
Coin Master free spins – Invite Madness! Event

So do you have many friends that didn’t play the Coin Master game? Grab this opportunity and get as free spins many as you can. Use your brave talent to get them.

Coin Master Free Spins – Invite Friends FAQs

Where can I find friends to invite to get Coin Master free spins?

Facebook is the best place to have a look. There are plenty of people playing it and Facebook always recommends signing in with a Facebook account or playing as a guest. The game won’t save data for you if you lose your phone. So sign in the Game is probably a good idea to save the progress you made.

How many friends can I add to my Coin Master friend’s list?

Good news! Right now Coin Master increases friends limited to 180. Since I played a few years back, they’re only giving you 100. Now you can add them and ask them if they have Facebook as Coin Master recommended to log in with it.

How do I check the friends that I have in Coin Master?

Go to the Coin Master menu on top of the right, then FRIENDS. Have a look on the Right Top of the Friends Leaderboard you will see the total of your friends and how many people you can add in maximum. For example: 83/180.

How to remove friends in the Coin Master Game?

Just go to the Friends section as above, Select on Friends you wish to remove, and Click “Remove” with the Red Button then Coin Master will alert box for you to make sure you want to Delete it, and click Yes to Confirm.

How to add friends without going to Facebook in Coin Master?

Coin Master is now available for adding any suggested friends from your mutual friends or others in the Friends list. Once you add some friends to your list, Coin Master will start to suggest that you add them as friends. After that, you can start gifts to each other without going to Facebook and finding them. However, you’re going to have to wait until they accept you as a friend as well after you hit Add Friend.

How to View My Friend’s Team Who Joined in Coin Master Game?

Go to the friend’s section in Menu > FRIENDS and then tab on a friend you wanted to know the team they’ve joined and Tab on View Team. What you will see are :

  • Team name
  • Members (limited to 50)
  • Stars in total
  • League, they’re currently on
  • Team Type (Open/Close)
  • Required stars to join
  • Team members
  • Join button

Finally, If the Coin Master Teams is not full, you can Join that team with your friends without asking them. But if the space is available for you but you’re on another Team, you will have to leave your team before joining a new one.

How to View my friend’s village in Coin Master?

Go to the friend’s section from the Menu > FRIENDS and tab on a friend you wanted to visit their village tab Visit. You will see Their name village, Total Coins they had, the village, and the pets they’re currently active mostly is Foxy. Tab on the Close button on the Top Right to dismiss and Return to the friends list.

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