Getting To Know Better About Pets in The Coin Master

Coin Master Pets

This article will give you a full explanation of Coin Master Pets which you may want to know more about. They have the specific skill set for your needs and it’s good if you know what they do in the game when you’re activated because Pet Snacks are usually hard to get so you need to use them carefully 🙂

1- Foxy, one of the player’s favorite Coin Master pets ever

When it comes to raiding villages after you hit the 3 piggy icons, you will have to raid them with random of your friends or someone did steal your coins in the Coin Master Game. When you activate this Foxy by feeding it, you will get extra rewards from raids and XP when it’s done the job. The skill is according to how you upgrade it by Pet’s XP. Pet’s XP is found from all Tournament and store exchanges in Coin Master. Once you upgrade it, you will receive a stars bonus and add to your stars on top of the screen.

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Coin Master Pets - Foxy
Coin Master Pets – Foxy
Coin Master Pet – Foxy skill set

Bonus tips about Foxy

There’s an event called Foxy Frenzy, you can activate it by giving your pet food it. When it’s activated, you can get an extra raid percentage from the village you steal plus your foxy level. This is a really good part for Foxy.

Coin Master - Foxy Frenzy guide
Coin Master – Foxy Frenzy guide
Coin Master - Foxy Frenzy Activated
Coin Master – Foxy Frenzy Activated

Tiger – a favorite pet during the Attack Events

This pet unlocks with benefit of attack bonuses skill. Unlike others, pet Tiger gives you increased rewards from the upgrade level. The more you upgrade it, the more rewards you have during Attacking other people’s village. Once you attack them, Tiger will scratch them and give you a reward bonus multiplied by your bet. The Tiger will get XP as well from attacking other villages when you activate them. In 2023, Coin Master lets you activate all of them at the same time as a result with more foods to feed them so you can enjoy bonuses from Tiger or Foxy.

Coin Master - Tiger Pet Level Up
Coin Master – Tiger Pet Level Up
Coin Master - Tiger Pet's in Action
Coin Master – Tiger Pet’s in Action

Rhino – The Guardian Protector from attackers

What happens when you’re going offline? The answer is people will steal coins from you. Coin Master’s Players also, attack your village to make you fix it back again and again. That’s why you have to activate Rhino before you log off. What benefit does this pet give you?

Coin Master pets - Rhino
Coin Master pets – Rhino

Rhino is really effective against attacks from other people. It’s good to have it active against other players. It can’t protect you from stealing coins from players out there. It’s good for protecting your village. The more you upgrade this pet, the more you will get Protection Chance against the enemy also when you’re running out of shields Rhino will do the jobs. Both are well protected unless people using 1x spins and random attack you again and again but the Coin Master game won’t allow that to happen. It’s ruining the fun and making people quit the game and Moon Active LTD won’t allow it.

Coin Master pets - Rhino's Benefits.
Coin Master pets – Rhino’s Benefits.

More FAQs about Coin Master Pets

What is the conclusion about these pets? Well, It’s good to have pets in the game. You will definitely grow faster and beat levels easily with tons of Coins and Protections against other players. But you might need to get Pet’s food for the long run. For one Pet’s food that will give you 4 hours. Activate them with caution because it’s hard to get these foods too.

Where can I find Pet’s Food in the Coin Master Game?

  • Purchase from the Coin Master’s Shop – That’s an easy way but only if you have the money. 1 Pet food costs you $2.24 with the addition of Pet’s XP 600xp. The best offer that the Coin Master game gives you in the shop is 125 food + 60,000 Pet’s XP and it costs $113.61. Are you ready to spend with break the bank? Go for it.
Coin Master Shop - Pet Food & XP Section
Coin Master Shop – Pet Food & XP Section
  • Get from Mystery Chests (Limited-time Only) – That’s a really hard task, you have to get them in the nearly impossible way if you’re just a free-to-play player. The Mystery Chest contains 100% of 1 Pet food and with Joker Card with Coin Master Chests Probability 1 out of 10. You can get Mystery Chests by winning the tournament, especially the one called Joker Adventure Tournament. You can also be exchanging from Merchant of Madness Rewards which I will explain below. This kind of chest can’t be found in the Coin Master’s shop.
Coin Master - Joker Adventure Tournament
Coin Master – Joker Adventure Tournament
  • Merchant Madness Rewards (Limited-time Only) – the store where you can actually exchange many things useful for the Coin Master game. Pet food is also available as well sometime. If there’s no Pet food in the reward section then you should have a look for Mystery Chests. Merchant Madness will give you Missions to complete and when you complete it, you will get tokens to exchange stuff in the rewards section. Save the token to get the chests that’s where you will get Pet food. Remember that these rewards always change from time to time. Hopefully, you can get pet food for your Coin Master pets from this Mad Merchant.
Merchant Madness - Missions
Merchant Madness – Missions
Merchant Madness - Where to find Coin Master pets food.
Merchant Madness – Where to find Coin Master pet’s food.

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