Coin Master: The Best Ways To Get Free Golden Cards?

Free golden cards in the Coin Master game are not easy tasks to get them. You’re here wondering why golden cards are hard to get? Yes, Golden cards are all over the place in the Coin Master game village by village. Here is the Best way to get free golden cards in the Coin Master game.

1- Buy Chests from Coin Master’s shop – Random Golden Cards given

It’s not a big deal but the Golden cards you looking for are over there. Head to the Coin Master menu (top right) go shopping and then look for the Chests section in that store. The gold cards are usually in the Magical Chest or Golden Chest. Check out the probability of the Chest from the Official Coin Master site. or It’s simple to have a look from our site, we detail a bit about it there. Check this out.

2. Complete the Viking Quest – Get some Free Golden Cards

Coin Mater Viking Quest Difficulty
Coin Mater Viking Quest Difficulty

In order to Complete the Viking Quest, you need a lot of coins sometimes Billions to Trillion coins in this game if you’re high level enough. Why? because you will have to bet with coins to complete the mission required in this task. That’s right, I said it.

So, you will need some Coin Master free spins and we have this cover on our site. Plus, you will need to upgrade your Pets, especially Foxy to get more coins through the spins from the slot machine. Bet high then you will get more spins after the raid. At the end of the Viking Quest mission, you will reach the golden cards, to complete your card sets.

3- Rank Top 3 in the Current Tournament – Chests with Free Golden Cards or Diamond cards

Now this one needs a really good amount of spins because you’re playing against other players around the world. Coin Master will randomly select people for matching in the tournament when you get some points from a Slot machine. This is extremely hard to get, but you have to give them a really hard time to pass you too.

Tricks to win this Tournament is, to save a lot of spins and do it at the last 1h of the Tournament, you’re probably catching some weak opponents at the end of it. Better save-up spins before going for it. After that, if you’re ranked top 3rd in this competition you will get Golden Cards and present-day, it’s Diamond cards that you can get to complete the hard collection set Album that the Coin Master game put you into.

4- Get a Joker Cards to Reveal Free Golden Cards you need

You probably do not know about Joker Cards, well it’s the card that is extremely rare and hard to get. It’s in any box with a really low probability like Mystery Chest There’s a 10% chance to get it 1 out of 10. Once you get it, you can reveal any Golden cards or any cards you need to complete your set. Check out Chest Probability from the Coin Master site.

Coin Master - Joker Cards that can actually be exchanged for any free golden cards you want.
Coin Master – Joker Cards that can actually be exchanged for any free golden cards you want.

5- Spins up and Join the Current Event

When you’re playing the Coin Master game, you can’t deny not joining any events created by the Coin Master game through updates day by day. Of course, all events are required from the Hit symbol. When you hit them, it’s counted by your bet to the top with a progress bar to fill up. When it reaches full of it, every time you get the rewards such as Spins, Pet Foods, Pets XP, Coins, and also Chests with golden card probability. Once you reach the chest, you will get some Golden cards in it. That’s where you get Free golden cards in the Coin Master Game.

6- Exchange during the Golden Trade Event

You probably know if you’ve played Coin Master long enough. The golden cards can’t be traded or sent to any players especially your friends who need them when you get extra cards. Of course, the Coin Master game allows people to send it during the event called Golden Trade Event. It appears at random times which no one knows when. It’s the only event in which you can send gold cards to each other with specific cards that Coin Master allows you to.

There are many other ways to get this kind of Golden Cards for free in the Coin Master game. So, are you ready to get Golden Cards by doing these kinds of stuff in the Coin Master Game? Of course, it’s true. We do this a hundred times. Now it’s time to get your Golden Cards and complete set to get tons of Free spins and Pets XP on the list. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We’re happy to help you answer your questions.

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