How to Get Coin Master Free Spins (New Updated 2023)

What if I tell you it’s only EXPERIENCED Players can tell you that you can get Coin Master free spins in every way possible as you can go with the secrets that I’m going to tell you right now that will no longer hide and stress about getting those free spins to complete your missions or village build by purchase any bundles that Coin Master game throw on your screen try to get into your wallet. No, the purchase is a bad idea for people who have really low incomes. The game is supposed to be fun more than pay to win.

The ways down here are the ways that I have been playing for a long time since Jenifer Lopez’s role with Coin Master Ads on Facebook.

Anyway, Let’s stick to the points of being here right? Let’s see how many Coin Master free spins tips you know.

Daily Gift from Coin Master Game

Log in every day to get Coin Master free spins from the Game. It sounds easy, but make sure you log in every day to get it, otherwise, it will reset back to day one and you will make your way back to 30 days again. The last day of login is infinite but at the end of day 8, day 15, day 22, and day 30 you will get every gift from a basic gift to a Joker gift box which contains Joker cards for your need to complete the card set. But it’s rare to get. It’s like 1 out of 10 chests contains a Joker Card. So make sure you play it every day like check-in and claim then log off.

Coin Master Free Spins by Playing it Everyday
Coin Master Free Spins by Playing it Everyday

Invite Facebook Friends for the FIRST time

That’s right, Moon Active LTD was good at making people play Coin Master together and attack each other’s village. That’s where it’s good when you are attacked by your neighbor all day. If you want to know how to get Coin Master free spins by inviting your Facebook friends, we got it in another post and walk you through it with a bonus event you might not know.

Wait to Refill Coin Master free spins

You will get 12 free spins for every 1 hour of waiting when you’re running out of spins. It’s pain I know but if it’s going to be forever, you won’t have any break times to enjoy other occasions perhaps enjoy with family or friends even the dogs you pet, or get back to work right? That’s so good about this game so far.

Gift Each Other – Easy Coin Master Free Spins Task

It sounds like gifting each other is good too, The Coin Master game lets you gift your friends in the list who actually play Coin Master with 1 spin and you can add friends only 100 maxed in your Coin Master friend list and you can gift them back every day. With this, you can get another 100 spins extra to continue your game. How does that sound?

Coin Master - Gift Section
Coin Master – Gift Section

Invite New friends during Invite Madness

Why? Because you can get tons of spins from Coin Master up to 5000 spins for 20 people invited and play your game, More information you can get from the bonus section above to invite your friends to play this masterpiece game.

Coin Master – Invite Madness!

Complete the Village – Coin Master free spins after completed

You will need plenty of coins in the Coin Master game to move up and get more extra spins from it. Yes, it’s true and worth it. Why? because people will try to attack your village that you’re hardly built and fixed every day when it comes to playing with other people. Even if you don’t have any people as friends to play with you, people still randomly select you to Raid and Attack your village to the ground. So it’s best to build up your village and move to the next level with your Coins.

Coin Master - Complete the Village
Coin Master – Villages

Complete Village Bonus

There is an event called “Village Master“, and it’s limited time only. So if you’re going to build your village and you made sure it’s complete, then build during this event so you will get more spins and coins.

Complete the Cards Set – Thousand of Coin Master Free Spins

Card collection is the best way to get thousands of Coin Master free spins and a pretty good amount of pet XP if you complete their set. That’s the way to earn more than you can imagine by buying those spins. You need to get more cards from playing level by level and also you can get from the boxes that you actually can buy from the Coin Master shop in the shopping section using your coins.

How to go to the Coin Master’s Shop?

To go to the Shop, you have to go to Menu then Shop, and scroll down for the Chests section. Check out Coin Master Chests Type and What’s Inside? to know more about the Chests you are about to buy.

Coin Master Shop – Chests Section

Cards for Chests – Trade your duplicate cards for the chests

Coin Master – Card for Chests

Of course, your duplicate cards won’t be useful anymore if it’s too many because you need just one card to complete every card set. At this point, your duplicated cards can be useful for sending to others in the team that you joined. At the end of the day, people with high levels will have those cards no matter what. They will have plenty of cards like you do. So, why don’t we throw up to Exchange cards for chests to get some more free spins and coins? Even the rare cards in that chest we’re talking about here.

How to get into those “Cards for Chests” to Exchange your cards?

Go to Coin Master Menu (Top right) > Cards > Tab on Chests with Stars Top left of the Screen. There are 3 options for you to choose from, if you have plenty of cards, why don’t you throw yourself in 3000 one? and you will get 100-1K spins, 8 Cards, 6K-60K Pet XP, and 20M-400M Coins Also it contains 1 out of 50 chests contains a Joker Card so it’s like 1/50 probability of getting the Joker card = 0.02% of that chance.

Get a Daily Gift with your Email

If you’ve been playing the Coin Master game for a while or when you’re running out of spins, you will get this alert box that tells you to enter your email so Coin Master will send you daily gifts to your email.

Coin Master - Get Daily Gifts by Add Email Address
Coin Master – Get Daily Gifts by Adding an Email Address

They made sure your email address shall not be sold to third parties and shall not be used for purposes other than a subscription to Coin Master’s daily promotional emails. Also, they asked you to read their Privacy Policy for more details about how they process your information as well.

Spins to Win – Extremely hard to get

That’s extremely rare, but that’s also the way to get Coin Master free spins as well. You need to spin and hit the 3 spins symbol in the Coin Master slot machine to get 10x of spins from your bet. So if you bet 1 spins you will get 10, if you bet 100 spins you will get 1,000 spins from it.

Collect items to reach for rewards in the Active Event

Spins for the spins, Aye! you need to spin and get rewards by collecting items in the event to reach another box by box and get the spins and coins along the way. Of course, it’s the free spins available for those who reach it. But if you need some Coin Master free spins along the way, check our site for the update and you might get some of it.

Rank Top 10 in the Current Tournament – Extremely level

Coin Master - Rank in Tournament
Coin Master – Rank in Tournament

Yes, rank in a Tournament is really hard to get, and you will shout to me, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yes, I’m serious. Once you rank in Tournament you will get free spins am I right? So, how to get ranked in the tournament? Well, it’s a multiplayer game and you are up against people around the world. Some of them are spenders and they purchase to get rid of your rank below the top 10, So there’s a small chance. Try to play half of the end of the tournament you will probably rank something. But don’t forget to prepare all the spins you got. Players prepare for the tournament like thousands of them. So be prepared.

Dragon Challenge (Spins for a chance to fill the bar!)

What is the Dragon Challenge in the Coin Master game? and how is it going to give you free spins? It’s a spins for a chance to fill the bar so you will get free spins from it along the way to beat the dragon. That’s going to be 600 points to reach the dragon. This is a limited-time event only.

Token Adventure (Limited Time) – Spin for a Chance to win amazing Rewards!

You’re going to have to spins to get some Tokens and save up until it’s filled so Piggy Thor will fly a hammer to get those rewards for you from the cloud. Tab on the (i) icon on the left near the purple lightning to see how you get from it to fill up the bar. As you can see the spins in the cloud also Thor’s coins to get to spins in Thor’s wheel to win the grand prize. This event is limited time only.

Golden Pass (Free) – Coin Master free spins bypass level

Every mobile game with multiplayer around the world, they had developed to have the Pass now. Just like the Coin Master game pass they have Golden Pass and Free Pass that you have to get past the level to receive the rewards along the way including spins. There are 3 missions every day for you to complete it sometimes it’s impossible to achieve for F2P in the Coin Master game. Only spenders get ahead and get all of those. The Golden Pass in Coin Master is probably different in the countries. To activate it, you have to pay $17.02 in the game. This pass is limited time only. Do not spend if you’re not going to complete it to the end.

Merchant Madness

Yes, Merchant Madness is the limited-time event in Coin Master. This event will let you collect some tokens in return exchange for many kinds of stuff from Merchant Madness’s Rewards sections with various valuable kinds of stuff. But it’s not easy to get tokens and the exchange rates are really high. But it’s good because the more valuable stuff like Mystery Chests, Diamond Cards, Bonus boost, Pet Snacks, and even lowers exchange rates for spins like 900 tokens for 200 spins at the bottom. Don’t miss out.

Viking Quest – Coin Master Free Spins by Complete the Last Prize

In order to complete Viking Quest you will need a lot of coins for it. after completing the mission moved up to the grand prize from 750 spins up to 3,500 spins plus golden cards which you never had and were rare to get at the end of this Quest.

The Gems Market (Limited-Time Only)

I was playing since Coin Master Game didn’t have this kind of precious gems in the game. Yes, it’s happening Once you get the Gems and save them up, you can exchange them with various boxes not just for spins, Cards, Coins, Pet XP, Pet Snacks, and even the Joker Card prize. You can access The Gems Market in the Coin Master game by Tab on the Gems with the plus sign button above.

Thor’s Wheel

Get Tons of spins, chests, gems, and boost items with limited time, especially a Joker card that you could use for every possible card you need to complete the card sets. But, It’s also hard to get Thor’s coin to use to spin this precious wheel. Look around you might be lucky to get one of those to spins. You’re gonna love it. I just got 500 spins earlier.

Keep tracking Coin Master’s Facebook page

According to Facebook, Coin Master is really popular on this platform. They have 21 million followers & likes in 2023, so it’s no joke about it. People chasing for spins comment on thousands of them on every post-Coin Master’s admin posts. That’s it, People went there for the challenge and answered some easy Questions in the comment section, They are going to win a prize sometimes selected randomly by Coin Master then they deposit the Coin Master spins directly to their account, You should keep track of this one.

Join the Team – Get Coin Master free spins 10 spins/8h

Request spins from them by clicking on the Request Button on the left down in the chat, If you didn’t join please do. You can get 10 of them and it cools down for 8 hours before you can do that again Also you can request some cards you didn’t have to get one step closer to complete your card collection but not the Golden cards.

Helping with Team Castle to get Coin Master free spins

The points to complete the Attack is 1 point, the Raid is 2 points and the Perfect Raid is 3 points. Once you complete it with your team, you will get the box containing many Coin Master free spins, free coins, pet XP, and cards, especially Joker cards. To play it you have to join the Coin Master team before the event starts or you will be marked as NOT PARTICIPATING, which means you can’t get the prize or build in this event.

Disco Party (Limited-time offer) – Random Coin Master free spins

It’s a round-up selected by Coin Master’s DJ when you hit the Dance button for free the first time but it probably ends up with low rewards and if you want another dance, you will have to buy it for $1.11. Well, at least you got one free dance but the chance to get spins is probably lower than you expected from this party.

First Timer Boost – Labor Day Edition (Limited-Time offer)

This is an event that gives you Coin Master free spins, coins, Pet XP, etc. also chests but it’s limited and you have to spend $1.11 to get a pass and get another free thing. If you’re looking for free spins and stuff without throwing some money on it, then your stop is here.

Scroll for Surprises (Limited-Time Offer)

Scroll for Coin Master spins but not all are free, It costs you $17.02 to get a pass and get some Coin Master free spins, coins, and cards along the way. If the money doesn’t bother you. Go for it.

That’s it, these are the methods to get Coin Master free spins. But not just spins, there are various ways to get spins and more in the future, I’ll try to add more so you will have a chance to get it for FREE in the future update. Good luck!

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